FAQ / How To

What are the Qualities Of The Movie?

Basically there’re 3 types of videos on Fmovies, HD, DVD, CAM,
CAM – low quality videos will categories under CAM.
DVD – medium quality video or old videos will categorized under DVD.
HD – all high quality 720p, 1080p videos will categorized under HD.

How do I watch movies online on Fmovies?
Search for the movies or TV series you want and go under “Links”,
and click on the “Watch online” link, follow the instruction from there.

as we do not store any files on our servers we only index watchable movies and TV-series searched online and put them under one roof for you viewing pleasure.

I can’t find the movies I want on Fmovies
Just signup for a free account and use the “Request” page,
we can’t ensure that we’ll find your movie A.S.A.P. but please do check back every now and then.

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